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With the USHL season ending soon, the Gamblers will look forward to building the team for the upcoming season. To help with this, the Gamblers have secured top five picks in both Phase I and Phase II of the USHL Draft, allowing the Gamblers to have early picks for the league’s next best players.

As of now, Green Bay has the third pick in each draft, with a shot at a higher pick depending on the outcomes of Sioux Falls and Des Moines this weekend.

Phase I of the Draft is the “Futures” Phase, including U-17 players for next year’s season, and is 10 rounds. Phase II consists of all players eligible to play junior hockey that aren’t protected by another USHL team, which is 20 rounds.

Phase I will take place Monday, May 2, with Phase II to follow on Tuesday, May 3.

For more information on the USHL Draft process, refer to the USHL’s official website here.

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